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Haggo's Organic Taco- Serving High Quality, Organic Food

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Our Menu

Our Menu

Cooking sustainably with non-gmo/organic produce and ingredients, grass fed beef and organic free-range poultry and dairy, wild caught seafood

Made With Love

Made With Love

Organic recipes bringing our spin on some classics. Whether you are in the mood for tacos, bowls, burritos or something else, we have something for you. Come in today to taste the difference that truly fresh produce and meat can make!

About Us

About Us

Haggo's Organic Taco is a Mexican eatery specializing in organic cuisine. Offering a wide variety of fan favorites and our own twists, come have a unique, healthy experience.


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Our Story

Our Story

Haggo’s Organic Taco was originally founded by James Haggard on June 11th of 2011 (which happens to be Jaques Cousteau’s Birthday). Haggo’s quickly became a local favorite in this funky beach town called

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